Monday, August 17

Songs in the Key of Light 2.7

The “See it – Sing it” Suite

to be a mirror in the face of fear issued hate

to give back to the mind that will open too late

to go deep in with the out our novel mandate

one only must polish that self carried slate.

if no one is left the stars will not cry

they’ll yet shine on bare rock in midsummer night’s sky

the path is still trod with it’s own reasons why

in situ or vivo or other worldline that energies fly.

darkness is deathly afraid of the light

as it shows it be mere thin shadow we fight

not substantial outposts of terrible night

and it scatters like moths scared in our sight.

evolution’s monkey has grown out of its past

and now stands tall as waves of incredible mass

breaking on false shores we now know won’t last

water-age blindness a curse we’ve just passed…

into the heat of the new forge’s fire

ceaselessly climbing to this cycle’s spire

our mission to work in groupings entire

as the turn of the wheel goes on spiralling higher.


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