Saturday, December 25

Welcome Juliet!

Good Morning Sacred Love

tomorrow is christmas
and then happy new year
what ever lives here in love
has nothing to fear

tonight opened early
joy's presence so near
juliet is born
may god hold her dear

tomorrow is christmas
my love and my hopes
flow eddied in wonder
up steep icy slopes

may all who live easy
in harder days come
help others to be
in greater than sum

tomorrow is christmas
a sound taken flight
rings into this star field
a sharp blessed light.

Namaste Juliet
19:39 12 24 2010


gcd 1

and it's Grandpa ChipperDogg
on this global conscious day...
may what ripples sent in joy
bring forth to focus what they may

guide them in love sure hands
held wide in giving out from that
living lovingly inside, in structure
you supply from a universal hat

and while that gaze may falter some
it may lay flat and stay unclear
that unwaver'd pulse is ever sharply
tuned into an ever focused ear.


Saturday, July 3

pick what you will

whence comes chaos: coronach for paradigm change, in F major

expand these force lines of the heart
that wrap around from where it starts
and germinates, in love, these seeds
of what is brought by way of needs

bring from these echo'd thoughts in mind
what resonates yet does not blind
in patterned rhythms woven through
encapsulations of what is true

and of this sheath in which am I
entwined to root in full lit skies
to offer fruit in grace'd honor of
this world brought fully forth in love.


Sunday, June 27

resonance's fuller name

inhalation terrasana, pause, exhaled modality: G sharply, in repose

in what manner can i honor this change
with my words so paltry and sparse
a first garden's effort under white suns
desert blown dry and spot seared brittle

water-borne diesel sharks show in mirage
circling as deformed vultures in a bruised sky
searching forlornly ground grown rotted
for clues to that play's final act curtain.

this new fire envelops my heart lovingly
as earth does seed - coaxing into response
resonance's fuller name to lick dangerously
close to combustion's irrevocable edge

to bloom in dancing flame and flower
infold'd enticements as if in homage
to some unknown field hummingbird
flitting about tasting for life's elixir.


Thursday, May 20

day wages; going once... twice...

the bidness will start at 0:dark:30, every day

where is that place you go to buy a politician
is it on the broker's floor
in their hardened-thought drug kitchen
can i buy a fat one out at eBay
can i get a breeding pair
will they take it up the ass on credit
just after all their secrets bare
don't need one for the long term
couldn't find one if i did
just need it to not be sleeping
with worms beyond
the ones inside their head
i need a target for my impulse
to be unruled by idiots
and i figure if i owned one
i could laugh at two-faced splits.


letters unposted in haste

i guess i write letters to the one who, in my life, will make a difference to me...

light up this fight club song: mindfully fiercely in F#

[dip your wick into the ocean
coated thick in tar ball lies
bring about a revolution
light it up behind your eyes]

take a step into your future
move your feet on your demand
place your mind in what is heart sure
be complete in where you stand


what is held out from the center
is returned and paid in full
by compound'd interactions
undefaulted - never dull


plant a garden from the harvest
of the bounty of the heart
so those hunger'd weeds of joyless
moments will not get a start


in the falling of these fiery rains
on cresting waves of novelty
in this standing moment stake a claim
and bring about it clean and free

[dip your wick into the ocean
coated thick in tar ball lies
bring about an evolution
light it up behind your eyes]


Monday, May 10

the sound, on one hand

light-hearted Sabda silliness: robustly in (437, 573, 828 nm) A flat, D flat, A flat

crowboys and ninnyans sitting on a hill
what doesn't make you stronger may ac tu ally kill
and if the song is over before you go to sleep
may the sound of it continue in your company to keep

there are so many of the clues around to brighten up your day
that to pick up only one or two may kilter off your way
and bring about a wobble that is harder than a stone
that rolls on top of scratching heads and crushes to the bone

the sound of one hand clapping is composed in many keys
that make up certain actions based on certain frequencies
in the sounding of the full blown chord as little girls and boys
this en-octave-ing will shine out while love spotlights you in joys


Friday, May 7

light another and then two

tending embers of a fire if you will

may we all pick up the thread
woven tightly in our head
to gently pull it to the heart
where love's deep silence has it's start
anchor peace inside of you
let it flow now into view

may the quiet sounds of life
bring about a shift in strife
that we, fully and awake,
shatter hatred and then break
it's grip on others as we grow
may that peace inside now flow

what one candle lit can do
is light another and then two
from each of those will sooner come
greater light rivaling the sun
then within this light we'll stand
as we share love across the land

i've lit my own light that's still small
to offer it's flame to one and all
and tip it outward to the wick
of any candle you might pick
anchor peace inside of you
let it flow now into view


Saturday, May 1

un-spoke'd wheel

he says, she says, we all fall down: a jumping rope song in G#

not He
not She
not even only Three
not seven in committee
not nine in councilarity
nor as found mathematically
in 64 tetrahedrony
nor none of all the things may be
in language spoke symbolically
of That seen only in polarity
when Mind-Will-Love knows divinity


Monday, April 19

the sounds of news. ick!

a few terrible things - the sounds of news. ick!: with gusto, one more time, in F

turnstiled banking and goobermint minions
tight copper-robbers with non-bound opinions
flown paper value pried open as stings
these are a few of those terrible things

dream conquered people with purse carried poodles
all playing at reason while scratching their noodles
chasing the tidbits that selfishness brings
these are a few of those terrible things

mountain spewed messes, planes covered in ashes
squat on baked pavement and hemorrhaged caches
of hothouse grown product all burned under wings
these are a few of those terrible things

when the dogg writes
when the muse sings
when it's breaking bad
just simply remember these ongoing things
And try not to feel so mad


Tuesday, February 23

amber'd waves of pain

America, the dutiful?: coronach in golden sacks - B sharp

impounded truth in specious lies
bring amber'd waves of pain,
from purple blooded travesties
whose palms are fruiting gains.
America? America?
Banks shed their rates on thee
and crown thy brow
with iron clad vows
rewritten constantly.

on pitiful and broken feet
we struggle through our stress
to pay the debts of highborn gets
foreclosed on as we dress.
America? America?
bend down ungrateful knees
and take the rod
deep up inside
and do it quietly.

as some stand proud in hero'd pose
to sell off roads and lands
neglecting lives who voted those
two-faced and greedy hands.
America? America?
your voice-mute lives ugly
and you want still
what has been stole -
to keep not being free!

and even though we fed the world
our babies do not live
except in chains of servitude
to economic jive.
America? America?
your food will last for years
if not opened
til starvation's done
and we swim in our tears.

we get onboard those planes that fly,
securely in our socks,
through chem-trail stained and unblue skies,
keep pounding on those rocks!
America? America?
our dreams are overcome
with nightmared thoughts
of street dreadnoughts
safe, locked into our homes

as we hide in wait for mountains high
to slide into the seas
and sun to bake the tears from eyes
unheard are all our pleas.
America? America?
please do not die tonite
for we all know
what's coming now...
heart's reset to set it right.