Tuesday, February 23

amber'd waves of pain

America, the dutiful?: coronach in golden sacks - B sharp

impounded truth in specious lies
bring amber'd waves of pain,
from purple blooded travesties
whose palms are fruiting gains.
America? America?
Banks shed their rates on thee
and crown thy brow
with iron clad vows
rewritten constantly.

on pitiful and broken feet
we struggle through our stress
to pay the debts of highborn gets
foreclosed on as we dress.
America? America?
bend down ungrateful knees
and take the rod
deep up inside
and do it quietly.

as some stand proud in hero'd pose
to sell off roads and lands
neglecting lives who voted those
two-faced and greedy hands.
America? America?
your voice-mute lives ugly
and you want still
what has been stole -
to keep not being free!

and even though we fed the world
our babies do not live
except in chains of servitude
to economic jive.
America? America?
your food will last for years
if not opened
til starvation's done
and we swim in our tears.

we get onboard those planes that fly,
securely in our socks,
through chem-trail stained and unblue skies,
keep pounding on those rocks!
America? America?
our dreams are overcome
with nightmared thoughts
of street dreadnoughts
safe, locked into our homes

as we hide in wait for mountains high
to slide into the seas
and sun to bake the tears from eyes
unheard are all our pleas.
America? America?
please do not die tonite
for we all know
what's coming now...
heart's reset to set it right.