Saturday, August 29

Jazz duet: Asynchropated Transcription

floating on sound's wave 7 oclock PST

class 0 civilizations are not conducive
to long-distance travel, take 1 step
spread out 2, step-lightly at 3

blow up the tumble house
'cause the neighbors will see
and come jumping thru holes
to check what will be

you leap - maybe you fall or your wings
fall from you in sheets of fire
from one ball of light to another
i'd say with a silvery hue
a little of white and a little of blue....
the mela will shimmer in vuefinders too
as the glowing sannyasin have readers in tow.

a bit of the saint and a bit of the shrew
can only be possible just within you
eat pine nuts in toothpaste a real fine chew
but the crunchy ones hurt and tend to get spewed.

some kinda rub is that field in our face
when we take shots in blackness
that hide in the loft of your visionshort place
giving rebounded swimming instructions
floating in space will tumble us round
as that ball juggling all licks
our orange burnt blistered face

playing golf with moon might be hard on the fish
in layered formation a base facing four
might take flight under wars wing or
blocked with piecrust baked clear,
noses held hard eyes on full tear
as this inverted mirror is broken
shattered and scattered in dust!

heisenberg's called on the deutsches remand
can hardly hurt rocks crushing minds hard derailed.
the saucers and whirlies been advertised twice
once in dumb headed laughter another
one the other one clear in blind sight

occult fire eats curry and colors abound
while that scarred one shows rainbows
in hungry'd demand of the river of sounds
growing raucous and vibrant as one gets to grow.


  1. love your work
    both here and there

  2. why thank you HPS, that is very gracious of you; that means that some of the sparkle peeks thru. it's hard for me to tell if iam merely doing these word amulets to expel the cluttered connections my muse taunts me with or what... this one is a joint effort of clif and my muse playing with me as a badminton shuttlecock...