Monday, August 17

Songs in the Key of Light 3.2

TPTB: Too Predatory is Too Banal

Look smart! boys and girls. start practicing your dodo calls for the Long Savasana.
evolutions clock has run out on the too predatory, too banal niche you self-evolved for
which, if you could contemplate more than in free moments, should chill even you.

shame ain't it! you didn't figure it out however many hundreds?
thousands? of years ago you decided slavish specialization
in greed engorged excessiveness was any kind of good idea.

that's ok. you gave it your best shot... adios

even though you killed a lot of us along the way,

who didn't evolve down your particularly offensive deadend. we are a tolerant
and robust species and there might be some amongst us that will even miss you guys.
that wouldn't be me. the foulness within which you made your habitat
should have choked out your kind shortly after your chosen decision.

but just to show i've not somehow been tainted by your blood,
i'll offer to chant you through the Bardo. it may, for you, be a somewhat
longer journey than say Genghis or Adolf, but as he was one of your minions
he, like you, no longer count... probably wouldn't surprise me if Genghis was too.

Oh, and just so you'll know, we plan on making the last revisionist change to
history ever in memory of your passing. the stories of your kind will be part,
the cautionary part of course, of the instruction of children.

The Powers That Be will forever more be known as
The Powers That Bent...



  1. Let us only hope! Nice eulogy, BTW.

  2. "the last revisionist change to
    history ever in memory of your passing"

    quite excellent line here... make me stop and re-read... though the feeling of the piece is cold to me... it is pleasant also...


  3. I just read this again (for the first time) in the predawn darkness of a new day. It's given me new hope, leaving me to suspect my first reading was in the blinding light of day.