Saturday, January 8

Bye bye Momma; Fare Well

byebye momma; fare well: ungrammatically correct in A##

a matriarchal tongue is stilled and in bardo bounding leaps
a motherless son's eyes cloud away and thundering, he weeps
for father's lost a mate of sixty-three years and seven weeks
for sisters and a brother who share together glistening cheeks

the words to trigger memories of growing solid life
are few and tinged with laughter and a stilling sibling strife
in layers comes unfastened and in gouts of drying tears
connect again these hearts in solemn joy of long lived years

toward those energies in motion and in memory's delight
i send my heart's full output into this momentary flight
of sounds of little import compared to silence of love's touch
as compassion embodied as configuration. I Love You very much.

Namaste Mother