Saturday, August 29

Blowing whistles at the dark: duet

2, 4, 6, 8, so awfully close, it's not too late...

my dearest sweet Sibylline turk
bless you for your tireless work,
for the truths to be spoken through gags
placed, in our names, undercover of flags,
for the beating and tearing at those walls
built by those men whose shrunken balls
ride hidden up inside in fearful anticipations
of us in our millions reclaiming our nations.


For so many things Sibel start here:


and follow the trail of which she speaks down the rabbit hole to burrow through those fouled warrens...

and ask your self if it is pleased with your so-called self-named betters...

and if the answer is NO! feel free; join in the rising ragged roar of NO MORE!

* * *

You do good work Brad. Thank You.

PART 1 (appx. 51 mins) - Direct

PART 2 (appx. 35 mins) - Direct continues

PART 3 (appx. 17 mins) - Direct continues

PART 4 (appx. 43 mins) - Cross

PART 5 (appx. 54 mins) - Redirect & Recross
* * *

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