Thursday, May 20

day wages; going once... twice...

the bidness will start at 0:dark:30, every day

where is that place you go to buy a politician
is it on the broker's floor
in their hardened-thought drug kitchen
can i buy a fat one out at eBay
can i get a breeding pair
will they take it up the ass on credit
just after all their secrets bare
don't need one for the long term
couldn't find one if i did
just need it to not be sleeping
with worms beyond
the ones inside their head
i need a target for my impulse
to be unruled by idiots
and i figure if i owned one
i could laugh at two-faced splits.


1 comment:

  1. If you owned one he would be quickly bought by the prevailing price of the moment. I am afraid we have little chance at true representation.