Monday, May 10

the sound, on one hand

light-hearted Sabda silliness: robustly in (437, 573, 828 nm) A flat, D flat, A flat

crowboys and ninnyans sitting on a hill
what doesn't make you stronger may ac tu ally kill
and if the song is over before you go to sleep
may the sound of it continue in your company to keep

there are so many of the clues around to brighten up your day
that to pick up only one or two may kilter off your way
and bring about a wobble that is harder than a stone
that rolls on top of scratching heads and crushes to the bone

the sound of one hand clapping is composed in many keys
that make up certain actions based on certain frequencies
in the sounding of the full blown chord as little girls and boys
this en-octave-ing will shine out while love spotlights you in joys


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