Sunday, June 27

resonance's fuller name

inhalation terrasana, pause, exhaled modality: G sharply, in repose

in what manner can i honor this change
with my words so paltry and sparse
a first garden's effort under white suns
desert blown dry and spot seared brittle

water-borne diesel sharks show in mirage
circling as deformed vultures in a bruised sky
searching forlornly ground grown rotted
for clues to that play's final act curtain.

this new fire envelops my heart lovingly
as earth does seed - coaxing into response
resonance's fuller name to lick dangerously
close to combustion's irrevocable edge

to bloom in dancing flame and flower
infold'd enticements as if in homage
to some unknown field hummingbird
flitting about tasting for life's elixir.


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