Thursday, April 16

Fun, Games and Other Time Uses

The Weekday Workend.
An observation for Tax Freedom Day®.

Now that we are working for our own benefit, would you like to have to work fewer hours with the same pay? Simple. On Wednesday, sometimes called humpday, do NO functional activity on behalf of the corporation that employs you. This functional activity is commonly refered to as 'work'.

If you can't bring yourself to do that all day long, then start simply. Do NO 'work' for the first hour. Or even make a minute stretch into two or three. (It gets easier the more you do it.) Kind of like i've observed at all the places i have ever been employed from the ones who are line managers, supervisors and others of the manager+ class. They will wander around looking over their areas of responsibility, conferring with others of their level about Lost, or the Biggest Loser or the game last night, or the game this weekend, or the new TV they bought and the teabag demonstration sponsored by FOX they watched on it and chuckling about it or... almost anything but the effect of this country's slide into oblivion on those under their purview, who may or not be homeless.

i know exactly how hard that will be to do as i have had in the past an urge to contribute to the well being of those who have chosen to employ me. The mayflowering puritan work ethic instilled in me (heavily weighted by Scottish and Germanic ancestry with some ornery Irish and a bit of the Brit) by my parents who were children during the Great Depression took hold without me even being conscious of it.

When you get more comfortable doing as you're done to, add another hour next week and within a month you will be up to lunch time. After two months you will have a full day at your disposal which, although not neccesarily the ideal place of your choosing, can be filled with activities that will enrich your own life in ways you probably can't foresee. i suppose it could get you fired too.

But, meanwhile back at the ranch... Let's play a game shall we? i propose a meme for your consideration. See how many wonderful and creative phrases you can make with the following letters - kind of a therapeutic anger management acrostic:

R, E, V, O, L, T!
(with or without the big bang! at the end)

i have a couple to get those addled (read this section, but only if you have done this worksheet, after determining the number of times desk meets head and if a contributor of a non profit producing benefit while engaged in lobbying, but only if not a professional, and subtract the line you multiplied earlier [see addendum Pub 8177 or instructions* for line 41 Form 1040]) brains, so prevalent on April 16ths, moving on a different tack...


Rage Enabled Voters: Organized Layman Theatrics
Resisting Evil! Vehemently Opposing Lies & Thievery!
Reality Enhancement: Voluntarily Obstructing Late-stage Theocracy!

Have fun. Take care of each other!

feel free to use any of the above as a blog title - iam not selfish

*if you can find it!


  1. here is my problem...I have too much work ethic- and I know this because the people I work with- like the young ones - all they do is text, and they don't work hard, they could care less about their job- they are litterally killing time and just want the money...but don't care about the job they do- and it drives me this shows that I am compulsive ? an old fart ? or should I just blame my damn scottish ancestors ? sigh....

    so yeah...I work just as hard everyday..and always....and have since I was 15 and first lied to go to work....I would give anything to lighten different...seriously...

    but I love the idea of what you wrote...I just wish I could do it..

    so about the tea bag people....and the event yesterday..sadly I do think some people would just like to know HOW their taxes are spent and are they spent wisely ....and me- I would rather not have a dime of it spent on War....( I usually write that on my check too..) but sadly all the glen beck nut jobs decided that they needed a movement - so they took over the day and twisted it into something else...

    love that you are getting creative with your energies and turning angst and frustation into something creative....keep writing...and thinking....

    and yeah, if we all take care of each other we get through this part of History.....

  2. My Dear Sweet Enigma,

    We need (and iam most assuredly NOT speaking medically here) a movement too!

    i think we should start the initial chapter of Scots Anonymous!

    It could be sort of an 108 step program for those of a fiercely independant nature, who work themselves to a frazzle in the mistaken belief that everyone else does too, even when their eyes and experience have shown them otherwise.

    This 108 step program would allow these deluded, excessively work-ethically afflicted creatures (who know 12 steps are definitely NOT good enough as any thing worth doing is worth doing excessively well -- repeatedly) to come together where they can learn to be slothful and indulgently self-centered, unconcerned about others in a not-too-threatening atmosphere dedicated to overcoming this life-threatening, joy-obscuring, deeply rooted problem.

    They will be given tools which they can legally employ to take advantage of 'the system' while being able to claim innocence and even persecution for their actions. Part of the curricula available to these unfortunates would be a distillation of best (political, banking and tax reporting) practices that have withstood the test of time (at least since 1913, but probably reaching into the distant past (Thank you Sun Tzu MacQi and Niccolo MacHievelli)

    They can be shown how, in polite society, withholding praise for hard work and heaping scorn instead can lead to the adulation of them on whom such heaping takes place. Techniques and coping strategeries will be offered with which these Anonymous Scots can unfixate themselves from non-vindictiveness, tolerance of difference and, most importantly, how to instill fear and bigotry! Weekly competitions will be held that, while really fun, communicate vital messages of short-sightedness, greed and dissembling when asked straight forward questions.

    Membership can be restricted to those of provable Scottish ancestry or relationship by marriage to same. Redheads will be granted automatic membership, whether they want it or not, as it will to those of nearly incomprehensible brogue, such as Sean Connery or Craig Ferguson. Special considerations and benefits will be extended to those who started working below the generally accepted and legal age of 16, such as medications and hpnotherapy as they are usually known to be compulsive old Scottish farts and it requires far more resources for them to get the right idea and kick such longterm, destructive habits.

    Thanks for such a great comment! It, apparently, released a torrent of repression i was unaware i harbored. ;)

    Should we tell DK of her new membership? iam unsure if Dada will qualify, although it has been rumoured Scotsmen were quite the dalliers when on 'business trips' to the southern lowlands of their rightful kingdoms and away from their castles and queens.

    Be Well, smile and take a 'sick day' now and then and visit a warm museum.


  3. ahhhh alas is 108 steps enough? sigh...I don't know...but it is an inspiring idea....( see how creative you are ? )....and yeah, DK would sign up in a minute....

    the funny thing- so they made a mistake with my schedule- and I am off tomrrow- the first sunday in many many weeks- and I even went and tried to fix it ( see I do need the 108 step program...) so somehow the universe handed me a day off unexpectantly...

    too funny....

    you be well too...

    thanks for the ideas...

  4. Oh, it's so good to see that you have a blog!

  5. Are you still blogging, Mr Ball?

    I'm so excited about my "automatic membership" ... always keeping in mind the Groucho Marx maxim about being a member of any club that would have me ...