Wednesday, July 15

in order to get here,

we said goodbye to the packing inspector,

and had to go here,

like this,

past here,

picking up a bit of eau de skunk here,

Trevor relishing the freshness,

and then in the fullness of time and with the cooperation of the synchronicity sprites we happened along a park in this guy's birthplace here-

and while i may not be a strong activist, Mr. Chip (short for Chip off the old Shakti) channeled my long and unwavering loathing for St. Ronnie and his voraciously greedy and exploitative cohort and their foul and bitter legacies by symbolically doing to the memory of St Ronnie what has been done in his name to the non-have-mores for so unrelentingly, singlemindedly, simplemindedly long...

After conducting what we all agreed was a fitting and overly generous pre-centennial celebration of the dying gasps of republicanism we continued through here,

to the house, where after two days of sleeping i did another 300 miles south where Chip in his quest for that perfect full body rub looks like this

he cleans up well... so we did and met these guys at the HDBC

these guys at my folk's house

saw this

and after approximately 3500 miles of road was able to relax on the deck and see this

and this

as we contemplate the ephemerality of peach trees...



  1. Ah, the long awaited photo travelogue with the most anticipated pic of Mr. Chips speaking for all of us too afraid to speak for ourselves! Love it. (But who the hell were those raggedy people in the photo outside the HDBC for Pete's sake?)

  2. well... in Philly we'd call em barflys. Seeing as how being in the land of enchantment brings magnanimity and expansiveness to the soul, we'd call em friends...

    you know how timing is everything... after reading a comment by enigma at dk's i just couldn't put off the long awaited pic of Chip's 'shot' seen 'round the world, so to speak. Let the classwar commence - from both sides now instead of just St. Ronnie's trickle down club

  3. Nice photo essay. I always envy bloggers who get to meet other bloggers. Love the canine politicos.

  4. Thanks Utah. Chip really surprised me with his accurate evaluation and strategically perfect placement of his opinion on St. Ronnie and his legacy.

    i gave Chip an extra milkbone that afternoon.

  5. I am very late to realize you are back blogging! Love the photolog and other log that Chip deposited at the official Reagan Dumpsite!

  6. Thanks DK, from chip and i.
    both chip and trevor completed st ronnie's trickle down karmic circle just prior to chip's monument emplacement. maybe by the time that old bastard's (st ronnie not chip) 100th birthday rolls around in two years he will have been consigned to the: Deceased, No Longer Prosecutable category and we won't have to be subjected to the peurile spewings of repugly sentiment... oh happy day