Tuesday, April 14

a kind of oxytocic orangutan

i just read an article found on wikileaks titled:
"Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment"
that is indicated on every paragraph as either Unclassified/For Official Use Only or Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive.

(google report title & get 15,900 hits)

i got more than a little confused.

This report, among other findings, says that returning vets are a potential threat and are actively being recruited to some of the rightwing extremist (ultra reactionary/conservative?) groups that are being scrutinized (as we all seem to be these days, except possibly for the financial fraudsters, their political enablers, and the ones typically comprising what has been termed by some 'The Powers That Be', which IMO should be the ones investigated and prosecuted!) by DHS, FBI and other various law enforcement groups and agencies.

The language used in the report is typical LEspeak* - presented matter of factly in non-personal terms that convey little, if any, emotive content, and that distills the rage felt and expressed,
by many citizens of today's version of these United States, as "largely rhetorical" to 'facts', numbers and trends.

This rage stems, according to this report which they call "Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups", from real estate foreclosures on peoples houses and businesses, unemployment (read massive and continuing business restructurings that result in layoffs and firings), and inability to obtain credit (which i would call non-stop reports of bailouts , just-under-wire semi-legalities, offshore tax havens and the subsequent evaporation of our investments and retirement funds and pensions that were to be our sunset years realization of the 'American Dream' promoted and sold to us by 'visionaries', pundits and presidents since way before i was born in 1952). AND by the "election of the first African American president". So far no actual "attack planning" has occurred.

It goes on for 8 pages (minus title page & contact info last page) in more detailed LEspeak* about several more issues (in which both DHS and FBI have been implicated, in the past, by their own members

After reading this report and remembering reading (and re-reading some articles) about the difference in fMRI brain measurements between Liberal/Conservative political tendancies and female/male life response tendancies i got even more confused...

My first confusion are the dates...
Created 2007-01-23 12:32:54, Modified: 2009-04-12 17:21:32.
Either this is a recycled Bush era publication finally seeing the light of day, and updated to include the pittsburgh cop-killer incident or a clever and well crafted forgery
or ???

my second confusion, and in my opinion, more perplexing to me is this:

Recently, i have gotten extremely angry and, unfortunately for my poor wife and other members of my family, vocal about this country's rapid, greed-fueled, politician-enabled descent and by increasingly fear and hate tainted divisive and destructive behavior into a place i hardly recognize any more...

Normally (at least in my 2sd bell-curved version of what i call normal) iam a very moderate, laidback type with a knowledge that each of us is doing the best we can in our daily lives and that, given opportunity, help and encouragement we will all develop to become highly intelligent, creative and compassionate beings that ALL systems of morality have espoused and portrayed as desirable since grunts (or laryngeal refinements) first turned into words.

am i a left-leaning, liberal-tendancied, conservative-acting, rightwing extremist, with a male-chromosomed, female integrated brain, a self-effacing empath (a kind of oxytocic orangutan)
or what???


*LEspeak note: over the last two years and 4 trips to NM, i cleared out my father's 20 year rented 10'x20' storage unit, going through box after box after box after... of a lifetime of law enforcement type accumulations that contained, among other items, semi-classified documents, arrest reports, notes and tests from his life as a military intelligence officer, beat cop, and nearly 30 year university professor of police science.
i can spot LEspeak with out breaking a sweat and only using one eye...

**blog against theocracy inclusion:
Censored New Scientist article:
How to spot a hidden religious agenda, 28 Feb 2009

***photo credits www.primates.com/orangutans***


  1. sadly the HLS just released reports saying that Right Wing Extremism is biggest threat- yet- reports from Souther Poverty Law Center has been indicating that for over a year. So I think it was on the rise- just one more thing bush swept under the carpet....( Bush KNEW we were in a recession August 2007...and never even said the R word for over a year..shithead)....anyways...so the bottem line is, it is indeed on the rise and the hotheaded idiots like Beck and Rush push and heat up the rhetoric...not smart....( anyone remember timothy mcveigh ? ) troubling...good for you for braving the research....

  2. (blogger just ate my brillant comment -- I don't understand what it is asking me to do about my google profile in order to comment -- I've never had trouble commenting before) ...

    well, with a little less enthusiasm, thanks to blogger, I'll briefly say I had heard about this on cable news today. The newsreading bubblehead carefully stepped around the verbal landmine that might explode were he to say "conservative" without the "right-wing extremist" modifiers.

    As Enigma wisely pointed out, we have Timothy McVeigh for a guideline. This is where the palin-limpbox mentality ends us, the path they want to lead their rocksolid 25% of our population, hopefully gathering up more nuts along the way. It's the mentality recently displayed in the Pittsburgh police murders (ex-marine sniper-trained in one-shot-one-kill skills).

    But it's also confusing because I distinctly heard douchehead Frank Gafney say on HardNuts recently that Al-Queda was behind the OK Fed Bldg bombing. WTF? Must be difficult for a wingnut to keep his boogymen in clear view.

    (I think there was more brillance about disaffected dissillusioned vets, but ^&%^ blogger destroyed my concentration) ... grrr ...

  3. dk why are you commenting? ??
    why aren't you ripping your hair out with the taxman's axe looming so close to the deadline??
    oh right you already got them in....

    sheesh what ever happened to the absolute last minute flurry dedicated procrastinator's union...

    crap... i still have that on my lists to do!

    i'll give what you said more thought shortly, soon after 11:58pm... if my coherence is still viable...

    my personal opinion about shrub never saying the R word is that he didn't know how to pronounce it and thought ( and was told by his boss) precession was the small (dry drunk) wobbling motion he made around cheney ...

  4. dk, i usually compose comments in notepad and then paste them in their entirety into whatever comment form is used... your brilliance is nothing to leave to chance or bloggers whims...

  5. yup, I'm very proud of myself for finishing those crappy taxes early. good luck getting yours to the PO by midnight! I used online fill-in forms this year, irs.gov

    I know I SHOULD copy & paste comments...I especially know this when blogger gets hungry.

  6. skating on thing ice here, i.e., "Look Ma, no notepad!"

    First of all, apologies, I am very behind in responding to e-mails and comments over at Dada's. I can't use taxes as an excuse -- I sent that little envelope off to the IRS yesterday afternoon.

    But my very thoughts have been consumed with the recent spate of radical calls to arm and resist! (In addition, of course, to the scariest moment of all in recent American History since 9/11 -- the "Tea Party" -- which recruited me with the explanation, the only sacrifice necessary is the cost of a teabag and a stamp -- "Ooooh, my kind of revolution!")

    And I thought I was extreme, I thought I was revolutionary ... endlessly chiding anyone who reads me to get outraged against "The Powers That Be" (thanks, abol, I like that moniker! [grin])

    But hell, me and Thom Jefferson are relatively (gasp, cough, choke) "conservative" when it comes to calling for armed Revolution.

    Where have the all interesting studies of those now exhibiting aberrant primate behaviour (Brit., sorry) missing since the turn of the century? Apparently, they were given a *free ride* by the media that have been validating their pathologies since way before that. With their jaws locked comfortably shut on the inner walls of Bush's lower large intestine, they are suddenly being flushed out into public view, all because -- as Jon Stewart reminds them -- "YOU LOST, get over it!" A yesterday's Truthout article by Robert Parry examines this (along with the aberrant primate reaction to them by Democrats which we are, of course, led to believe is an opposition party).

    The highlight of my day, after learning we are in a "recession," have elected a black president, and returning, disgruntled G.I.s are being recruited by radical right extremists came in a comment by some all-American mom, I'm sure, saying sarcastically something like, "Oh sure, I'm a right wing extremist because I listen to Beck and Limbaugh; I'm an extremist because I believe in 'family values' (anti-gay rights); etc. etc.

    I literally laughed out loud before searching to see if we stilll had some razor blades in the house and pondering, "Which is the quickest way to dodge the revolution? Cutting one's wrists or one's throat?" Yes, to quote a wise sage, this truly is "a place i hardly recognize any more...:"