Saturday, December 25

Welcome Juliet!

Good Morning Sacred Love

tomorrow is christmas
and then happy new year
what ever lives here in love
has nothing to fear

tonight opened early
joy's presence so near
juliet is born
may god hold her dear

tomorrow is christmas
my love and my hopes
flow eddied in wonder
up steep icy slopes

may all who live easy
in harder days come
help others to be
in greater than sum

tomorrow is christmas
a sound taken flight
rings into this star field
a sharp blessed light.

Namaste Juliet
19:39 12 24 2010


gcd 1

and it's Grandpa ChipperDogg
on this global conscious day...
may what ripples sent in joy
bring forth to focus what they may

guide them in love sure hands
held wide in giving out from that
living lovingly inside, in structure
you supply from a universal hat

and while that gaze may falter some
it may lay flat and stay unclear
that unwaver'd pulse is ever sharply
tuned into an ever focused ear.


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